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22 Future CEOs Thailand is the best emerging talent recruitment programme of Topica Edtech Group that prepares top talents for management level roles with in-depth experiences and ongoing mentorship across a wide range of business areas within E-Learning industry.

As a 6-month long programme, you will experience 3 different management positions that will give you a great chance to reveal your natural leadership abilities and also kick-start your success by learning the ropes under the guidance of top-notch mentors.



22CEOs Stories

"Successful Stories"

Hana B.

Promoted to Senior Director after 18 months participating in TOPICA

Trinh Ngoc Quang

Promoted from head manager to Director after 6 months

Namfon P.

Promoted from head manager to Director after 6 months

Jane Tonpradit

Promoted 2 times after 18 months participating in TOPICA

"Boost up your level with Senior Experts"

Namfon Panjanapongchai

After 8 years studying and working in biotechnology industry, Namfon made a big change in her career path by achieving MBA international program in Stamford University. She used to work as a strategic planner and then an R&D manager before she decided to participate in 22F-CEOs.

Namfon did not only surprise her mentors and coworkers with her energetic and passionate working style but also impressed them with outstanding results during her 3 slots of different positions; Manager of Marketing department at Edumall Thailand, Operation manager of Topica Native Thailand together with Project manager of Jira development in Customer Service Advisor.

In January 2018, after 6 months of 22 FCEOs program, Namfon was promoted to Deputy Director of Sales Department at Topica Native Thailand product.

Jane Tonpradit

Mr.Jane has finished his Master degree in Business and Management at Aston Business School in the UK, and previously worked in a consulting project at Erasmus University, Rotterdam for Topigs Norsvin B.V., the world’s 2nd largest swine genetics company, based in the Netherlands.

He joined TOPICA as the next challenge of his career. He received 2 promotions in 1.5 year after joining, and is currently heading the digital marketing operation & special projects of Edumall Thailand.

During TOPICA 22CEO program , Mr.Jane has developed his experience in 3 major slots from Legal & International cooperation, Marketing Research & Development to lastly, Integrated Digital Marketing.

Requirements and Challenges


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    Thai nationality and have age range from 24 to 28 years
  • 1
    Bachelor degree and have working experience in a variety of backgrounds and industries
  • 1
    High fluency in English communication
  • 1
    Have at least 1 year of management experience with strong project management skill and strong leadership with a high level of initiative
  • 1
    Dare to do new things, dare to fail, positive thinking and open-minded


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    Lead your own team to achieve objectives that are various from revenue growth to quality and technology in different departments such as Sale and marketing, Operations, HR and Finance
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    Enhance management level through firsthand experiences in different skills
  • 1
    Innovate business systems to make a breakthrough in productivity and product quality
  • 1
    Join our global team to export successful Edtech products in Vietnam and Thailand to Southeast Asia Market

Recruitment Process

Dan tri
Info TV

Technology Playground

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Applying VR technology to teaching program of Topica IVY which help create direct interaction between teachers and students

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Applying Kinectics technology to simulate the actions of actors

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Establishing a virtual shopping world based on VR (Visual Reality) and Unity Technology

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Topica 3D characters take care of learning for student, acting teacher to present lectures and interact with student by hologram technology


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